About Us

Hi-Level is a brand of memory and storage products founded under Trium Electronic Ltd in 2004. The brand has a narrow specialization with a wide array of products from entry to high end levels. The wide-range product portfolio helps the brand serve multiple markets, including end users, businesses of all sizes, system integrators, data centers and PC and notebook manufacturers. The accumulated knowledge of the industry through years of experience has made the brand a trusted expert choice in the market. Hi-Level prioritizes customer satisfaction above all by keeping up with the innovations and trends in the industry as well as providing service guarantee, fast response to customer queries and problems. Currently, the brand is sold in the European Region, and plans to expand its operations to the other continents.

Our Values

Integrity: We execute an uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical principals and honesty in every aspect of our business.

Commitment and Collaboration: We give our time & energy to all our partners (employees and consumers). We work together with them to create synergy and provide better solutions.

Innovation: We continously choose to do new things to create value for customers and businesses.

Sustainability: We strive to minimize our impact on the environment to help provide a better future for coming generations.